Bruschetta: an exploration of futurism

I chose bruschetta as my dish for the food fair mostly because I needed something quick and easy which didn’t require an oven (I’m working a lot currently and am in the process of moving house). I still wanted to do something unique though and I knew it was unlikely that traditional bruschetta would be the only one of its kind at the fair. For something different, I decided to give my bruschetta a futurist twist.


My ingredients for the bruschetta

Futurism originated as an art movement in the early 20th century in Italy. Futurist cuisine asserts that people ‘think dream and act’ in accordance with what they eat and drink. I personally enjoy the creative and hilarious approach futurism takes to food.


How I presented my bruschetta (both futurist and traditional)

To really highlight the difference between futurist and traditional cuisine, I decided to present both, side by side. My futurist interpretation involved staring contemplatively at a bread roll whilst having someone spray you with tomato scented ‘perfume’ (tomato infused water in a spray bottle). Once immersed, you then take a basil-wrapped parcel of fresh garlic and onion and eat it.

As a nicety, I provided mints to ensure that those taking part in my dish didn’t walk around for the rest of the day with garlic breath. Overall, those who engaged (about 10 or so people) seemed to find the experience very bizarre and a little confronting. It can then be said that the dish was a success.


All gone within 7 minutes!

The traditional bruschetta was probably better received, however, I would argue, less interesting than the futurist manifestation. Check out the video below to see futurist bruschetta in action:



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