This risque sounding Italian dish gets its name because it is ‘nude ravioli’. In other words, it can be thought of as the ravioli filling, without the pasta. Gnudi also goes by another name, ‘malfatti’, which means ‘poorly put together’, as Cook Your Dream suggests though, this name probably doesn’t do them justice.


Gnudi [image credit]

Ricotta is integral to the gnudi dish, yet it can be combined with a number of different ingredients, whether that be spinach, pumpkin, or butter and sage. As it is a dumpling, gnudi is similar to another Italian favourite, gnocchi, but differs in texture, being comparatively lighter and fluffier due to the little or no flour used.

Gnudi has established itself as a gastronomic point of difference between Tuscany and the rest of Italy. In a nation famous for its various pastas, the profound lack of pasta in a dish where one would normally expect it, brings it uniqueness. Throughout the rest of Italy, ravioli is much more common than gnudi, whereas in Tuscany, the reverse is true.



Tuscany, the home of gnudi [image credit]

International interpretations of gnudi have managed to maintain a relatively strong sense of integrity toward the original recipe. The Spotted Pig in New York has helped put gnudi on the map.

the spotted pig.jpg

The Spotted Pig, New York [image credit]

Where exactly can you go for a gnudi run here in Melbourne?

Unfortunately in Melbourne, gnudi is absent from most Italian restaurant menus in favour of its more well known cousin, gnocchi. Throughout the years however, here and there, gnudi has revealed itself in various restaurants. If you’re looking to try a dish today, you can check out the Ascot Food Store in Pascoe Vale.


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